What need do I have for fire sprinklers?

Fire sprinklers save lives, reduce property loss and can even help cut homeowner insurance premiums.

How much safer will my home really be?

Installing both smoke alarms and a fire sprinkler system reduces the risk of death in a home fire by 82%, relative to having neither.

Do all the sprinklers go off at the same time?

Only the sprinkler closest to the fire will activate, spraying water directly on the fire. Ninety percent of fires are contained by the operation of just one sprinkler.

How much will they generally cost?

Nationally, on average, home fire sprinkler systems add 1% to 1.5% of the total building cost in new construction.

What about water damage to my home if one does go off?

Home fire sprinklers use only a fraction of the water used by fire department hoses.

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How do fire sprinklers work?

Home fire sprinklers are technologically very advanced, but the basic way they work is very simple. Fire sprinklers have no moving parts and act simply as a water plug that releases at a particular temperature.

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How do I take care of my fire sprinkler system?

A residential fire sprinkler system is basically maintenance free. The only testing required on a regular basis is opening the drain/test valve to check the alarm operation. The rest of the system is designed to operate properly for 20 years or more without any maintenance.
Some basic precautions to safeguard your fire sprinkler system are:

  • Avoid painting or otherwise covering the fire sprinkler devices, as that will
    affect their sensitivity to heat.
  • Do not hang decorations, plants or other objects from the sprinkler or piping.
How best would you explain what happens during a house fire

That would be best explained by this 7 minute video:

What Happens During a Home Fire

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